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Terms and Conditions

Heatherwood On The Green TERMS AND CONDITIONS

Heatherwood On The Green and Great Thoughts Media reserve the right to change or modify this agreement without notice.

Heatherwood On The Green and Great Thoughts Media reserve the right to change or modify services and pricing upon notifying User.  Notifications will be posted on the website or will be announced through email or newsletter.

User automatically accepts all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement and any other law or regulation that applies to this Website by accessing the Heatherwood On The Green Website.  If you don’t agree with these terms, you may not access or use the website and services.

Here are the rules of the website

  1. All material, design, images, content in this website is copyrighted material. The copyright for everything (on this site is held by Heatherwood On The Green or by the original creator of the material.  Nothing can be copied, distributed, or reproduced for any reason.  Everything on this site, including content, pictures, videos, and logos are our property or someone else’s property. All usage of this material without our permission or the permission of our experts and venders is in violation of the copyright laws.
  2. All information gathered on this site (email and personal information) is confidential and will not be shared with anyone. This site may contain links to other websites; Please be aware, we are not responsible for the privacy policies of other websites. Please check our Privacy Policy for more information.
  3. All trademarks, logos, and services are either our logos or someone else’s that we are using with their permission. You need permission from the owner to use all information on this site.
  4. We try to include accurate information on the website; however, we don’t guarantee the accuracy of any information on this website.  All information, products, and services are for informational and educational purpose.  You are using the material, services, and products on this website at your own risk.  We assume no liability or responsibility for errors or omissions on this website.
  5. The information, products or services provided on this website cannot substitute or replace the services of trained marketing, financial, and psychological experts, professionals or any other trained professional in any field. We, our experts, and anybody else who provides information, products, and service on this website are not liable for the success or failure of you or your business, or any damages you suffer directly or indirectly by using what we provide, mention, or market on this website.  You are responsible for your decisions and using the information, material, products, and services provided on this website at your own risk.
  6. Heatherwood On The Green may promote experts, products and services.  While we may earn money and affiliate fee for our services, we are not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of any information, opinion, or advice on this website. We do not endorse any product, service, or anyone unless it is clearly mentioned on the website.
  7. Don’t post anything that you don’t want the world to know.  All information posted or presented to public on this website will be treated as non-confidential.  We are not responsible for what you post or send us to post publicly.  Anything you post on this site is ours and we can do anything we want with what you post on our website.
  8. We market and promote with our best of abilities.  However, we don’t guarantee any monetary and income results from our marketing efforts.  We, our suppliers, vendors, staff, and anybody else who works with us and provides information, products, and service on this website are not liable for success or failure of your business, or any damages you suffer directly or indirectly by using what we provide on this website.  You are using the material on this website at your own risk.
  10. Each user agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Heatherwood On The Green and Great thought media, its staff, our affiliates, experts, and others involved with this business and website, and their respected officers, directors, and employees from and against any and all claims and expenses, including attorney’s fees, arising out of the use of its services, products, and this website by such user, or as otherwise set forth herein.

Experts, contributors, and members Services Terms

In addition to the forgoing:

  1. We trust our Experts, Members, and Contributors and we expect everyone to read and know our terms and conditions.
  2. You can only post your own original information and material.  By submitting or posting your information, you certify that the submitted material is your own original material and does not violate any copyright.  Heatherwood On The Green reserves the right to suspend your account if we find you in violation of this rule.
  3. We are marketing resources and information website and all articles must provide value to our readers.  If you want to advertise, please contact us.
  4. Due to copyright issues, no image is accepted in the posts and articles.
  5. We Reserves the right to refuse to publish or remove any information or material for any reason
  6. You retain your copyright for everything you submit to Heatherwood On The Green, but you grant Heatherwood On The Green, loyalty-free, non-exclusive right to reproduce and distribute your information and forge any payment or compensation for the submitted material.
  7. It is your responsibility to update your bio and contact information or inform us if you are using our VA services
  8. We don’t guarantee system up-time.  Information could be lost and you may require uploading it again.  We do our best to support you but we don’t guarantee anything.
  9. We support you based on our best ability.  We upload your information as fast as we can.  However, we provide service level guarantees.
  10. All interviews are the property of Heatherwood On The Green and we can use it in any way we want.  The only obligation we have is to provide a copy of the interview to you.
  11. Experts understand that submitting advertising, multiple copies of the same article, and articles with limited content and links to other websites are prohibited
  12. Experts understand that no advertising and promotion is allowed in any blogs, articles, or event posting.
  13. Experts understand that articles that are longer than 5000 words will not published
  14. Experts may request the removal of your profile and other material at any time.  We require at least 15 days removing your information from our website.  Content removal is a hard task at times.  Therefore, we don’t guarantee the removal of all material.  You can always request removal of material that we miss or don’t find.
  15. Heatherwood On The Green reserves the right to proofread and reject any article
  16. All payments and fees are due at the beginning of the month.  You agree to provide accurate billing information.  Heatherwood On The Green may cancel and remove your information due to lack of payment at any time.  We don’t prorate service fees and we don’t provide refunds for partially used services.
  17. Heatherwood On The Green reserves the right to cancel any membership or access to expert profile for any reason
  18. This is a business site and a G-Rated site.  Nothing sexual is permitted.  We will suspend any account that promotes sexual, explicit material, or hateful information.